Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Day of a life of a Curvy Chic: Curvy Fashion

In the Day of a life of a Curvy Chic: Curvy Fashion: Like most young funky Australian and international girls and women, I adore all things Fashion! I envious of all the wonderful Coach bags, Furla Purses from Italy always giving me hopes in one day too own one; along with the the many spreads of channel and Fendi in Vogue forums and magazines. I spend endless hours on the net viewing the wonderful fashions in Milan, Paris and New York, instead of completing the very overdue assignments piling up for uni.

So by now you must be thinking to yourselves, what makes you different from the rest of the fashion bloggers out there? Well I was thinking to myself, not that long ago, that although there are many wonderful fashionista's out there sharing their amazing talents of styling and creative ideas of fashions and accessories. Whilst also sharing our most recent fashion obsessions off the cat walk, I would also like to shed some light on what to expect from a life at uni, and not just in term of fashion either.

Let's face it, there are not many instruction manuals out there that really prepare or even give us a hint as to what to expect at uni. I know from experience in my first year, it is most definitely not a walk in the park, fashion and non fashion wise. I'm hopefully going to share with you some Do's and Don't 's at uni and also share some of my recent obsessions from the cat run. But another thing I should let you know, this has no size 8 skinny legs here. Its a bit hard at size 18/20 to get my fat arse to fit into some designer and look amazing. So I do the best with what I have, to still look pretty damn good in the mirror, without being a size 8.
I'm not going to lie to you, it is a hell of a lot harder for us than the size twelves, whose biggest shopping concern is that the store may be out of their size ( ahh hello try going into a store with friends knowing they don't stock your size in the first place). However, having said that, DO NOT give up hope my curvy friends. Although I know from first hand experience it may be difficult, but NOT impossible. Learn to accentuate your good points and  hide the bad points, and you'll be surprised at how amazing you will look, when you see yourself in the dressing room mirror.

So thank you to the bloggers who have inspired me, to start my own! Thanks to "YFF, Fashion Hayley and Messy Carla," you guys have all amazing talent and inspire me all the time!!

This blog is dedicated to those girls like me; the ones who are so in love with an industry that is, well, so not in love with us.
Oh, and just in case you had not realised, this is me, "Christinnee, your Curvy Chic Blogger!" Peace, Love and Pixie Dust xx

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